Police threaten 10.31arrestee during statement-taking, “we will beat you up if you keep silence”, while hitting the stomach of the arrestee.

A large number of protesters have assembled outside the Prince Edward MTR station near the Mong Kok Police Station on 31st October 2019, which was two months after the incident on 31st August 2019, where the police have beaten up citizens indiscriminately in the Prince Edward MTR station. The protesters gathered up to demand the MTR company to release the CCTV footage on that day. Three young men were stopped and searched nearby, several petrol bombs and hammers were found inside their bags. One of them has attacked police inspector X while being chased, causing inspector X to fell. The three young men were charged and were sent for court listening in West Kowloon Law Courts Building in this morning. One of the defendant reported that the police completely ignored their right to silence. They were threatened by the police officers continuously during the whole statement-taking process. “We will  beat you up if you keep silence”, said the police, and they did punch the stomach of the arrestees.

According to Cheung, the defendant who was being hit, the police asked him to wear protective gears like gas masks and  goggles without any discretions, and none of the protective gears belongs to him. The police officers kept threatening him by saying that they will beat him up if he kept being silent, and punch Cheung’s stomach.


Lee, another defendant also reported that the photos of exhibits provided by the police were very misleading. The full name of the defendants were placed next to the photos, instead of the case number. This seems to imply that the exhibits belongs to the defendants, but in fact, only a smartphone and a poster written “Justice will win” was found when Lee was being arrested.


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