Police Tactical Unit rejected to identify themselves but swore insults at a filming foreigner

It is commonplace to have the Police Tactical Unit (PTU) losing control at the front-line, hysterically swearing insults and threats at the pedestrians nearby, and even physically assaulting the reporters in sight. Yesterday (October 20, 2019), Hong Kong Citizen News video-captured a foreigner who was opposite the Mong Kok Police Station filming the PTU in action was all in a sudden intimidated by a masked PTU who member who charged towards him and shouted at him in English, “I photo for you if you want!”. The masked PTU pointed at the cameraman behind, who also belonged to the police force. The foreigner requested him to show his ID.

Another masked PTU member lost control immediately, who then yelled on top of his voice at the foreigner, “Please f**** off!”

The foreigner attempted to calm that PTU down but to no avail, who kept swearing the same insult again, “Please f*** off!”

The foreigner chose to ignore him and left the scene.


Apple Daily