Police Tactical Unit broke into the British Consulate-General in HK and arrested a 15 year old girl

Approximately 20 adolescents were posting up propaganda posters outside the British-Consulate General in HK at around 5:30pm in the evening. Eyewitnesses pointed out that two to three emergency unit cars had abruptly appeared on the scene, claiming that they had received reports of vandalism, thus halted and body searched the youngsters suspected, in addition to keeping record of their identities, at least one girl was arrested.

In the meantime police were body searching protestors, a girl was accused of possession of spray and was hence arrested.

Apart from that, the Hong Kong Baptist University Students’ Union Editorial Board denoted on Facebook that a protestor fell down and experienced an asthma attack, thus suffocation when being surrounded by police tactical units. When other protestors attempted to lend a helping hand, police officials halted them from doing so and alleged that “y’all are not professionals and are not qualified to rescue him / her.”

Eyewitnesses stated that some of the protestors were not arrested despite they had propaganda materials with them. They were formerly told by the consulate general officials that the grey brick area, where the consulate’s gate and security guard station were located, was regarded as the UK’s realm. Therefore, protestors thought that the police were not responsible for the enforcement of law in the area.

Luke de Pulford, member of the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission, wrote a post on Twitter suspecting that the lass, who expressed her demand harmoniously, was being arrested inside the realm of the consulate, ergo demanding for attention.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office hereafter recognised the fact that the consulate-general had contacted the police force proactively, reporting that there were unlawful events organised around the consulate, also mentioning that the criminal venue is a public space, where the HK Gov has rented to the UK.

Mr Fong, who is pro-independence and one of the representatives of the HK Independence Camp, commented the way the British-Consulate General reported to the police was absurd and ridiculous. In addition, he critiqued that this implied the indulgence of the consulate general’s officials towards police brutality by threatening protestors at peace.

Mr Fong pointed out that protestors once entered the grey brick areas around the consulate in 2014, whereas being expelled by the guards with a justification of ‘the realm of the UK’. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office is now overthrowing its own argument.

Ms. Si, one of the eyewitnesses on scene, indicated that there were citizens posting propaganda posters in the street opposite to the British-Consulate General. When they were being told that the police tactical unit would arrive on scene promptly, they thought the consulate would be a safe place for protection, hence entering into the realm. Personnels had once sought help from the consulate’s security guards, but no responses were given.