Police supporters released by police after assaulting reporters

There was an organization surrounded the RTHK Television House since 3pm. They tied green ribbons on the fences, pasted posters and slogans, shouted ‘RTHK, Government fund’s waste’. They surrounded a reporter wearing the vest of RTHK, and yelled ‘Corrupted Reporters!’ repeatedly at the journalists present. There were two local press photographers besieged by them, a reporter from Now News was kicked as well. The police tried to protect the journalists by forming a human chain around the reporters, the organizer had also advised the participants to calm down. However, it still could not stop the assault attempts against the reporters. Now News made a statement later on, claiming that a team was insulted, pushed, kicked and damaged on cameras while they were covering the scene. They strongly condemned those who violently obstructed normal coverage, and they would investigate the legal liability of such attacks.




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