Police spies vandalized metro stations but uncovered, using pepper spray and strong light to deter citizens

Some citizens video recorded several masked personnel were inside the closed Sheung Shui metro station on 8 Oct night. One of them flashed the recorder with high lumen flashlight, usually a police equipment and raised pepper spray. Respective video recordings circulated on the Internet yesterday and many netizens suspected they were police spies. The Stand News inquired PPRB and it replied that plainclothes police has been deployed to carry out missions in Sheung Shui metro station and that any police officer would not offend the laws. When reporters asked if the masked vandals are plainclothes police, police force said there is nothing to add.

Respective video recording shows, the recorder discovered there were several masked men inside the closed Sheung Shui metro station. He/she then asked, “Why are you masked and inside?” The masked man with black hat then used high lumen flashlight to flash upon the recorder and urged him/her to leave. The recorder then asked, “Oh you have a flashlight, why does it look like the one used by police?” The recorder also asked how the masked man enters a closed metro station and discovered there were more masked men inside. One of the masked men pointed a suspected pepper spray at the recorder and spectating citizens but did not use it.




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