Police shoot a lot of expired tear gas again

“Apple Daily” showed a photo taken at Umbrella Revolution in 2014. It was found out the expiration date shown on the package of the tear gas shot by the police was 3 years.

Some reporters collected the tear gas cases shot by the police in many different protest locations. N225, one of the tear gas shot in Shatin and Shamshuipo on 5 August, was found. The manufacturing dates shown on the cases were May 2015 and September 2015 respectively. According to the official expiration date, that is 3 years after the manufacturing, these 2 tear gas shots were expired. To sum up with the photos of N225 tear gas taken online and by other media, the police shot tear gas in many different districts like Central, Sheung Wan, Wong Tai Sin, Mongkok, Shatin, Shamshuipo and Kowloon Bay on 12 June, 21 July, 5 August, 24 August. They shot expired tear gas in these 7 districts. Two of them didn’t explode after being shot. The police claimed using expired tear gas would not cause any serious harm to the public.


Apple Daily