Police raided Sheung Shui Centre and arbitrarily arrested tens, blood could be seen from subdued citizen’s head, involving voluntary first-aiders and journalists

After the march held by Democratic Party and residents of Sheung Shui on 5 January at 4pm, hundreds of riot police and plainclothes officer raided the Metropolis Plaza and Sheung Shui Centre. Some of the masked plainclothes officers entered Sheung Shui Centre and subdued more than a hundred, including at least one first-aider. During the search, the police used pepper spray at arrestees that were not resisting and whose hands were in the air repeatedly, as well as treating citizens present and journalists with batons and pepper spray. There were arrestees were brought away the scene by dragging and pressing them on the floor. Many of the subdued people were required to squat at the wall and wait for the search. The police also forced the subdued people to kneel on the ground and put their hands on their heads, which could be easily related to the massive arrest at Causeway Bay after the New Year Rally.

Some of the arrestees were injured in the head and bandaged later on. After the arrested persons were brought away one-by-one, blood stains remained on the floor everywhere as well as something that were believed to be arrestees’ belongings.

After an hour of searching, most of them were allowed to go after the police checked their IDs. Two of the searched females recalled that most of the searched persons were residents of Sheung Shui. They were body-searched together with their bags, and photos of them were taken during the search. All the people were ordered to squat, and someone was pepper sprayed when he was just trying to pack his belongings.

Legislative Councillor Lam Cheuk Ting from the Democratic Party described the march as a peaceful one. However, the police suddenly took action at residential areas without any warnings. Therefore, Lam suspected that arbitrary arrests would occur very often, so that innocent citizens might be arrested. He emphasized that the Letter of No Objection of the rally was limiting the rally to end before 5pm, so he doubted why the police took action before 5pm and criticized them for arbitrary arrests instead of dispersing.



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