Police publishing false information on last year’s 98% hotline response rate. After being silence for days, now clarify that the 721 Yuen Long incidence were not included in the data published

The Government Budget attached with a Police Department report was published on 26th February 2020. In the report publish, number of emergency calls were total of 84, 276 in 2019. The report also mentioned the New Territory District’s  emergency calls were 97.9% responded within 15 minutes. However, the government had mentioned in the end of July 2019, on the day of 7. 21 Yuen Long attack, police had received 24,000 within 3 hours causing overload in the police report center. In today’s legislative council finance committee meeting, Chief Superintendent (Planning and Development), Lee Nga-lai confirmed the numbers of call on 7.21 “is not included” in the total.

Legislative councilor, Eddie Chu Hoi-dick posted on Facebook after meeting, ” the police have created their new Hong Kong calendar, 364 days in a year, the 21st day does not exist in July.”

The Stand News counted, if all the calls on 21st July were counted into the report last year’s call would be 108, 276. And if all of the calls on 21st July were declined by the Emergency Response Center,  last year’s response rate would be left with 77.8%, far less from the 97.9% given from the Police Department.

Police: 7. 21’s data is a “respective number”

The Government Budget Committee will continue the deliberation on almost 22.35 billion of capital work reserved fund, including 140 million Police Department related Engineering expenses. Lee Nga-lai was questioned by multiple democrats with police’s poor performance on 21st July: declining calls from citizens, closing the report room’s gate and other. Andrew Wan Siu-kin from the Democratic Party expressed in agitation, “such performance of yours, with what are you depend on to ask for my budget approval? “

Eddie Chu Hoi-dick added, “is 7. 21 included in the 2019 emergency call number sum of total? “, “if you said it’s not included then it’s not included, be clear, give a clear answer,” ” can you answer me clearly? ” In the end Lee Nga-lai admitted “it’s not included,” “the reason being constant inertia mechanism is not used  to calculate, 7. 21’s data is an individual “respective number.”

Consider diverting 999 emergency calls to other departments

Lee Nga-lai explained, on the night of 21st July, a large sum of emergency calls were received, exceeding the daily load. She promised review and improvement. Due to 7. 21 is an respective case, police had already deal with it individually with the follow up of “independent commission”. Lee Nga-lai said, in the future if there’s a large number of 999 calls, the police will consider diverting the calls to other places to speed up the process.

She again expressed, there were 2.3 million of 999 calls received per year and only 4% were required real emergency help. She mentioned the abuse of calls are serious, but the police will try to answer all calls received.

Service Commitment: Respond to emergency assistants in New Territories within 15 minutes

According to the service commitments made by the Police Force for the “999 Emergency Hotline”, the Police Force “seeks to answer every 999 call within 9 seconds”. The Police Force has also set a response time limit for 999 emergency calls. The average response time for Hong Kong Island and Kowloon is 9 minutes, and 15 minutes for the New Territories.

The Police said that in 2019, the response rate for emergency calls on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon was 95% within 9 minutes, and the response rate for emergency calls in the New Territories was 97.9% within 15 minutes.

According to information, the first citizen reported the “7.21 Yuen Long Attack” at 22:41 that night. At 22:52, two police officers once appeared at the Yuen Long West Rail Station, but later turned their back “to request for support”. The Yuen Long Third Echelon police officers were dispatched and arrived to the scene 23:29, 39 minutes after the first citizen reported the crime.