Police pepper-sprayed unarmed civilians who were leaving the scene

On 28th October, the riot police fired tear gas outside the  Tai Hing Police Operational Base in Tuen Mun to disperse the civilians. Some residents living nearby, who were ready to go home, saw that the riot police were marching forward, so they sat by the grass and waited for the police to leave before going home.

A riot police officer suddenly used pepper spray on the residents, who were leaving the scene, without apparent reason. The police officer pepper-sprayed them while he was walking. Even the resident tried to back away, the police still sprayed him in the face.

Some residents who were pepper-sprayed were in pain and could not move forward, so they could only be helped to the roadside by volunteer first aiders for cleaning.

Some residents were later interviewed and said that they were only passing by, but were hit by pepper spray, describing the police action as unjustified. Some restaurants intentionally opened the doors to let the injured residents to enter and take a rest.

Apple Daily