Police officers stop civilians outside colleague’s wedding banquet, stopping journalists and blocking interviews

In the evening, there were police officers at Club One, San Po Kong, who were hosting their wedding banquet, the venue was boarded up outside, there were also uniformed police officers stationed outside, it was reported that some civilians were chanting slogans outside earlier, police officers had stopped and checked people staying at the scene and several police cars were parked nearby. During the filming of the scene by a reporter of The Stand News, a police car kept shining its flash light on the camera, and suddenly eight police officers rushed off the police car to intercept the journalist, obstructing the reporting process. At first, some officers questioned the reporter for “revealing the location of the police car”, while others, more senior officers, said, “There’s nothing wrong with filming a police car, but you have been filming for a long time, I need to confirm your identity.” The police officer quoted the Public Order Ordinance to intercept the journalist and said that the journalist took “very long” in the presence of two minutes.

Following last night’s call for netizens to “congratulate” the newlyweds at the wedding banquet venue at 698 Prince Edward Road East, San Po Kong, another netizen said, “Let’s go and congratulate the police officers”, since a police officer was hosting their wedding banquet at a restaurant at The ONE in Tsim Sha Tsui. A number of uniformed police officers were stationed at various entrances and exits of The ONE Shopping Centre in the evening, police cars were parked in the vicinity and plainclothes officers patrolled the premises. Uniformed police officers stopped a number of male and female passers-by in the evening in an area of the mall where no particular person was seen gathering nearby.


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The Stand News