Police officers obstruct reporters from covering the protest in Sha Tin

At around 21:30 that night, a group of protesters were trying to leave under police clearance action. They walked to the cycle path next to the bus terminal of Sha Tin New Town Plaza. Suddenly, a group of police ran out from the bus terminal and dispersed the leaving protesters, forcing them to escape to the road. Mr Chan Ho-wai, a reporter from Commercial Radio Hong Kong was pepper sprayed and driven away by police. Two protesters were baton charged towards the wall by a gang of police officers. Mr Chan was filming at 10 meters away, a police officer saw him and shouted, ‘Reporters are filming here!’ Then three police officers used their long shields to blocked Mr Chan from filming. They charged towards him and drove him away again. Even when Mr Chan stopped shooting, a police officer still scolded at him, ‘It’s the reporters’ fault to create such chaos!’, and even stopped him from wiping the pepper spray away from his face.

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