Police intentionally sprayed pepper spray at multiple reporters

During the 929 Anti-Totalitarian Mass Demonstration,the police force intentionally attacked reporters with pepper spray multiple time throughout the afternoon and evening.

In the afternoon in Causeway Bay, the police used pepper spray against the crowd, multiple reporters on-site were sprayed. A Taiwanese reporter who was pepper sprayed criticised the police for intentionally spraying reporters. At that time, he did not manage to put on protective gear, and he experience multiple swelling and redness around his body after this incident.

At around 5:40pm in Queensway, the police officers attacked reporter with pepper spray in a chaotic scene. Some police officers used pepper spray at reporter within a close range, during a period without chaotic scenes. A reporter raised his middle finger to the police officer to show dissatisfaction, and the police officer pepper sprayed him again. Later, the officer addressed the reporter in an impolite manner, demanding reporter to return to pedestrian sidewalk. However, some reporter were extremely dissatisfied, and a fierce dispute followed to demand the police to remove their face masks.

In the evening, after the police cleared the scene in Causeway Bay, reporters followed the police as they prepared to board the police vehicle. At that time, reporters did not stop them from boarding the police vehicle, but the police used pepper spray multiple times to “greet” the reporters. The reporters had their protective face mask fitted on to prevent restricting their ability and mobility.





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