Police Hits Civilian On the Head Causing Bleeding

A civilian was hit by police om the head and bled in Hang Hao. The civilian yelled, “I was just passing by!” Some police yelled a slur equivalent to “shut the hell up”. A reporter reached out to the police asking about the incident, a police share “the person fell on his own”.

When a few dozen policeman rushed into Man Kuk Lane, a 50 years old man said he was pushed over and was injured. His forehead, mouth, hands and legs were seen injured and bleeding, he was sent to the hospital by first aid responders. He said he is only a civilian living in the area walking home, he said: “I was going back home, who knew I would be pushed from behind, my whole body fell to the floor, my glasses also dropped”. In response to policemen rushing into the ally suddenly, he said, “It’s unacceptable!”