Police force framed judges; Abuse power and spam call

Sing Tao News referred to a source yesterday (8 Oct), that police force intended to search the home of a boy. On Sunday it contacted 9 prosecutors on phone to apply for an a search warrant but the phone calls were cut. Some did not pick up the calls and some did not regard it as urgent and refused to approve the warrant. HK Judiciary refuted that it has always arranged 4 prosecutors on duty on holiday and allow phone calls by law enforcement to apply for search warrants. If the applicant defies the decision, he/she should file a judicial review.

When Sing Tao News referred the source yesterday in its report, it specifically quoted “when law enforcement is in urgency, it may ask the prosecutor(s) to sign an arrest warrant or search warrant, to make arrests or gather evidence as soon as possible” but failed to point out that police force circumvented regulations and contacted 5 other prosecutors who were off duty on Sunday. It also failed to point out that police force can file a judicial review to challenge the decision of prosecutor. Sing Tao News seemed to underline or accuse the prosecutors were not complying with police force to repress rioters.

HK Judiciary replied to inquiry from press yesterday and pointed out that 4 prosecutors are in rotation biweekly to process urgent applications, including search warrant, outside office hours. HK Judiciary would notify law enforcement of the contact numbers of the 4 prosecutors. When the police force needs to make applications urgently outside office hours, it may contact one of the prosecutors. If that prosecutor cannot be approached, law enforcement can make phone calls to another on-duty prosecutor.


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