Police forbid paramedics from providing first-aid in train station

After the shut down of Yau Ma Tei MTR Station at midnight, paramedics were forbidden from entering the station to rescue injured civilians. Some personnel burst into tears outside the station. Later, personnel of the Hong Kong St. John Ambulance arrived at the scene but were also prohibited from entering. A first-aid provider at the scene told the journalists that he had entered the station before, and were aware of 4 injured civilians inside, but he was forced out of the station by riot police officers. There were 3 other paramedics in the station at the time, humiliated by the police who ordered them to face the wall and stand still.

The Hong Kong Fire Services Department received a call at 23:05, and arrived at the scene after 12 minutes. The Prince Edward station was closed at that time, and the ambulance commander had to negotiate with police officers and MTR staff members to allow paramedics in the station. The first ambulance finally left the scene at 01:42, which means the rescue effort took 2.5 hours from receiving the call to finally hospitalising the wounded.