Police Fired near 30,000 rounds of Ammunition in 6 Months to Suppress Protests

In the past 6 months, a total of 29,863 rounds of ammunition were used by the police during anti-extradition protests.

In reply to RTHK’s enquiry, the police said that a total of 19 live rounds, 15,972 tear gas round, 10,010 rubber bullets, 1,999 bean bag rounds and 1,863 sponge grenades were used during protests from 12th June to 30th November.

According to the police’s ammunition usage figures, the three days of the siege of PolyU, CUHK’s defensive war and the 10.1 citywide strike were the days with the heaviest ammunition usage. Among them, the round-up of PolyU on 18th November saw the highest ever use of four types of ammunition, with 3,293 tear gas rounds, 3,188 rubber bullets, 667 bean bag rounds and 499 sponge grenades used respectively; Followed by 12th November, when police attack CUHK, 2,330 tear gas, 1,770 rubber bullets, 434 bean bag rounds and 159 sponge grenades were used. More than 16,000 rounds of ammunition were fired from 11 to 18 November in the attacks of two Universities. On 1st October, the day of citywide strike, police used over 1,000 tear gas and over 1,000 rubber bullets, and the use of bean bag rounds and sponge grenades reached triple digits, similar to the figures on 17th November, the attack on PolyU. Six live rounds were fired on 1st October and four live rounds on 17th November.

Former IPCC member Wong Pik-wan criticized the police for being “out of control”. The Chief Executive, Directors of Departments and Bureaus and even the entire civil service system have turned a blind eye on police brutality. Together with the support of CCP, the police became unscrupulous, further arousing public anger and making political problems more difficult to resolve. She also said that the use of excessive force by the police was unnecessary. “The state at CUHK and PolyU were the same state as war. It’s crazy!” She believes that the Government must set up an independent committee of inquiry as soon as possible, and proposed to amend the IPCC Ordinance to give the IPCC investigative powers.


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