Police denied student reporter’s identity with insults and ‘created’ portrait right out of nothing

Riot police questioned a City University student’s reporter identity once again, claiming that the reporter was not an authentic one and would pervert the course of justice by publishing photos of the arrestees. Upon checking, the City-U student found the statement by the police to be a fallacy because the authenticity of the reporter’s identity has no effect on the course of justice itself.

Pursuant to the Criminal Procedure Ordinance, Cap 221, common behaviours or acts which may constitute perversion of the course of justice include publishing materials intended to embarrass a fair trial. However, the City-U reporter was, at the time, involved in normal shooting work for the news, the content of which was not connected to any ongoing legal proceedings.

Two masked police officers also asked the reporters to stop shooting, and even went over and attempted to stop them from doing so, claiming that right of portrait is protected in Hong Kong. However, the law of Hong Kong does not really grant people right of portrait, which reflects the two masked officers’ limited knowledge of the law. The two riot police even insulted our reporter by calling our reporter “idiot” before an inspector came and hurried them to leave impatiently. The two eventually stopped talking and ceased the harassment.

Editorial Board, CityU SU