It has been reported that the 心olice is considering to deploy taser gun. Parties expressed strong opposition, while human rights organisation fears for potential abuse.

Police replied to our enquiry, saying that all proposals that can enhance operation effectiveness are to be considered, and proper gear will be supplied to officers in suitable time to fulfill their duties under the increasingly dire situation. The Police stressed that they will ensure the safety and proper functioning of the equipment, in compliance with the safety guidelines stipulated by the manufacturer.

According to information from Reuters, there have been more than a thousand deaths caused by taser gun shooting since its deployment in the 2000s in the US. In 2018, 49 deaths were reported.

The Civic Party is gravely concerned and opposes the proposal, and doubted if the police overlook the overseas causalities caused by the weapon as well as the controversy over police’s abuse. Besides, the international community also calls for the abandonment or regulation of the use of taser guns. In France, it was once reported that a person had his body immediately on fire when a police officer attacked him with tear gas and taser gun simultaneously.

Claudia Yip, the spokesperson of Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor, worried about police officers’ potential abuse of force and inappropriate use of taser guns. In Canada, a man died from heart attack that triggered by taser gun shot, which indicates that taser gun is not a very safe weapon.


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