Police claims that posting posters on Lennon Wall is resorting to violence

Since the outbreak of Anti-Extradition Bill Movement, Lennon Walls can be seen in every corner in Hong Kong.  Netizens proposed ‘the day of Lennon Wall’ and called on citizens to repair and expand Lennon Walls in Wo-Lei-Fei style, thereby giving thanks to frontline protestors. The Hong Kong Police Force posted an image covered by Post-it Note online, written ‘Is this the place to express opinion peacefully?’. They also stated that since 9th June, a total of 100 citizens involving in ‘Lennon Wall’ have been arrested.

Before the starting time of ‘the day of Lennon Wall’, the Hong Kong Police Force posted an image on Facebook at noon, implying that Lennon Walls were not peaceful places, unlike the public suggested. They also appeal to citizens not to resort to violence, and citizens should beware of their own safety while expressing opinions peacefully and rationally. In that Facebook post, it mentioned about the public activity ‘the day of Lennon Wall’ planned by the Netizens. It also stated that there were violent acts due to conflicts at Lennon Walls in several districts, and graffiti and vandalism were seen. Since the 9th of June, 100 citizens related to Lennon Wall have been arrested.

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