Police bodyguard and shake hands with Fujian gangsters who are holding knife and gasoline

At around 10pm, a group of men holding knives were seen pouring gasoline on Ming Yuen Western Street in North Point. Police arrived after receiving reports. The men then entered the office of the Hong Kong First Youth Association. Police then entered the premises to investigate and took away at least nine people, including seven men and two women.

When the people were taken into police vans, several of them were not handcuffed as police shielded their faces. Journalists asked the police why their faces were being hidden but did not receive an answer.

Meanwhile, Baptist University’s student Broadcast News Network issued a statement saying that a student reporter was arrested after he was searched in North Point for holding a knife. BNN said the student journalist had explained the knife was for cutting festive mooncakes, but he was still arrested. The student’s parents and the journalism department of the school have been following up on the incident.

During the press conference held by police, NG Lok Chun   SSP (OPS)(HK Island Regional HQ) answered journalists that police force never favour any side. Police shielded arrestees’ faces simply because the arrestees did not want to expose their identities. There was nothing wrong with the arrangement.

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