Police arbiturarily arrest the civilians who dine out in a shopping mall

On 14 September 2019, a large group of police stood by in Amoy Plaza. They subdued and arrested a number of teenagers. A lot of bystanding civilians were angry. The police arrested a man in the shopping mall too.

Mr. Yeung, the father of that arrested man, then arrived. He claimed he was a resident in Amoy Gardens and he did tell the police of his residency. He didn’t know why his son got arrested. He said his son just went to the shopping mall for dinner, his son didn’t do anything wrong and wore no facial mask. He complained the police had arbiturary arrest. He said the police just arrested the youngsters.

The father and a group of civilians kept following the police. He tried to find his son. He showed his resident card. He kept asking the police why they arrested his son. But he was ignored by the police.

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