Police harboured gangsters at North Point to attack reporters repeatedly

Violent attacks on reporters occurred in North Point on 11 AUG 2019. 

At around 3pm, an RTHK reporter was slapped in the face twice by a blue-clad man, many offices were guarding nearby but none came to intervene. A grey-clad man also assaulted another reporter from Oriental Daily News with a national flag.

At around 6pm, several middle-aged men threw punches at a reporter outside Metropole Building. Officers came and separated them. Despite the fact that the reporter had identified the assailants, the officers did not give a damn and just let the men go. 

At around half past seven, a Stand News reporter was threatened by two middle-aged men while recording a video of gangsters beating a young boy outside a Chinese restaurant, where crowds of gangsters gathered. The men snatched and broke the reporter’s monopod and brandished it. An RTHK reporter was hurt protecting others in the incident. None of the surrounding officers came to stop the assailants or arrest them.

Also in the evening, a man attacked reporters and attempted to snatch their cameras. The officers ignored their request to lay a charge and even escorted the man out. Instead of arresting, officers even shook hands with the man who assaulted a reporter from Chinese University Student Press, and tried to grab the phone from a reporter’s hand and throw it off the bridge.


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