Police accused Chief Secretary of apologising to the public, violating the Police General Orders

Hong Kong Police Inspector’s Association and four separate police associations sent letters to Chief Secretary for Administration and Chief Executive respectively, in order to oppose the formation of Independent Investigation Committee. In the Police General Orders Chapter 12, policemen are forbidden to write to Chief Executive, Chief Secretary for Administration, Secretary for Bureaus or Heads of Government Departments. Instead, the letters are required to be transferred by the Commissioner of Police.

Police officers got mad at the Chief Secretary for Administration, Cheung Kin-chung, after he had apologised to the public on behalf of the Police Force. They vented their anger online and uploaded photos of the back of their warrant cards and shoulder badges. 

According to a barrister, such actions were in breach of the Police General Orders, “Police officers shall not send anonymous correspondence as such action may be seen as conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline.”