Police abuses power to intercept buses, Fire Department medic arrested for wearing a mask

With the draconic face mask ban coming into effect, police gains even more power to operate. A reader reported that an off-duty ambulanceman belonging to the Tsuen Wan Fire Department was intercepted by the police on a Yuen Long bus, and was arrested for wearing a face mask. The police even went to the aforementioned fire department building to conduct searches afterwards. The Ambulancemen’s Union acknowledged the incident and are closely following up.


The reader, being an ambulanceman himself, said that the same day before (Sunday) a colleague was also arrested for wearing a mask whilst riding in a bus. The next day the police entered the his department building to search the his locker. The department chief asked the colleague to mark down the police officer’s name, number and stationed unit, but was rudely rebuked: “I haven’t done anything yet, why are you asking.” The officer refused to provide anything in the end, only willing to supplement information by fax later.


The reader said that the arrested ambulanceman finished his work at 7:37 that night and returned to Yuen Long by bus at 8pm. There were still sporadic conflicts in Yuen Long at that time, and the he was wearing a mask because of minor illness, but was still arrested by the riot police. The reader also said that when the police conducted searches in the department building, the department chief who was supposedly on holiday had returned to understand the incident, and requested the police officers to provide him with information, but was then accused of obstructing the police.


It is understood that the ambulanceman was still detained for investigation, and neither lawyers nor his family members had been able to contact him.

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