Police abuse their power by filming people accessing shopping malls

About 15 people gathered in the lobby of the Kowloon Commerce Centre (KCC), Kwai Chung, in response to the “Kwai Chung lunch with you” rally, holding signs and chanting slogans. During the event, police officers filmed members of the public entering and leaving the main entrance of KCC, with a white piece of paper with the words “Police Recording” hanging under the camera.

Police General Orders – Cap. 44-03 Ponics III and ROP Checks, The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance Cap 486, Article 11:
Nottwithstanding the lawful exercise of statutory powers, officers shall comply with the requirements under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance [PD(P)O] when requesting or requiring data from a subject, and subsequently the handling of the data (including the recording, security and disposal of data). For further information on the PD(P)O, please refer to PGO/FPM Chapter 12, PGO/FPM Chapter 76 and the Data Privacy Web Site on POINT.

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