Planting hammer as false evidence against an arrested young citizen. Injured citizen was not sent to hospital

On Monday (11 November), conflict between police and citizens continued since a police officer fired 3 live bullets against protesters. Police entered Holy Cross Church in Sai Wan Ho and arrested 5 people.The Church released CCTV yesterday (12 November), seemed to show a police officer planting a hammer in the backpack of a prostrated protester.

The Parish Priest of Holy Cross Church Rev. Peter Leung urged the police to “take appropriate actions and respect rule of law”. He reiterated that police should strictly comply to the 《Police General Orders》and the corresponding authority on law enforcement given by the ordinance.

Sai Wan Ho Holy Cross Church released two CCTV clips yesterday (12 November) on YouTube. The videos revealed the situation inside and outside the carpark of Holy Cross Church when the incident took place. The two videos are about 31 minutes long respectively, recorded time started from 12:50pm to 1:20pm. As shown in the CCTV outside carpark, a group of citizens rushed into the church at 12:50pm.

The CCTV inside carpark showed that one citizen entered the church at 12:50pm and followed by the others who tried to hide from the police. After that, one of the citizens attempted to close the door to resist the riot police but failed. Several riot police officers intruded the church and subdued at least 2 citizens in black outfit. The police requested reporters and other citizens to stay back. In the meantime, the police pointed baton and pepper spray to the subdued citizens, and searched their personal belongings at the corner. Three police officers pushed one of the subdued citizens on floor and continued to search his personal belongings. At 3 minutes 17 seconds of the video, it clearly showed that a riot police planted a hammer in the backpack of a subdued citizen, and zipped up the backpack afterwards.