Plainclothes officers smoking while on duty.

On the 22nd of march, the public mourned the deaths of Christy Chan and Alex Chow near the Sheung Tak crossroad in Tseung Kwan O. Crowds of police officers stood guard nearby. While on duty, two plainclothes officers standing next to the Police Tactical Unit officers smoked together.

Police General Orders Chapter 6 Article 6-01:
28. A police officer, whether in plainclothes or in uniform, shall not smoke while
performing any duty in the public view, when dealing directly with members of the public or in
any police vehicle at any time.

Police General Orders Chapter 20 Article 20-14:
2. A police officer shall carry his warrant card on his person at all times provided his
intended activities are compatible with its safe keeping. An officer in plain-clothes when dealing
with members of the public and exercising his police powers, whether he is on or off duty, shall
identify himself and produce his warrant card. At the scene of a crime, officers in plain-clothes
shall wear their warrant cards in such a manner that they may be readily identified.

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