Plainclothes officer asks A 19-year-old girl if she has been raped, she is charged with riot and assaulted

On 18th November 2019, a large number of protesters were arrested and charged with riot in Yau Ma Tei. One of the arrested protester Ms Wong, is 19 years old. Her lawyer filed a complaint against police for her on 22nd November. According to her lawyer, she made no resistance after arrest, but police officers dragged her on the ground and beat her head and body with police batons, which made her feel faint for a short period of time. There were bruises on her legs and broken bones in her left wrist, which need to undergo surgeries. She had requested to go to hospital, the eventually, police sent her to hospital after 7 hours.

Her lawyer stated that, after she was sent to the department of obstetrics gynaecology, a male police officer entered her ward. A nurse asked the officer to leave but was scolded by the officer ‘She is sick! Don’t be crazy, how am I supposed to touch her?’

Later when Ms Wong was sent back to Sau Mau Ping Police Station, a Plainclothes officer asked ‘Have you been raped?’ ‘The room outside is a room for rape, do you believe so?’


Oriental Daily News