Personal information of a live broadcasting reporter disclosed by policemen intentionally in a stop and search

Again, a police officer was suspected of deliberately revealing personal information of a reporter who was being stopped and searched. In 29 March, a live broadcasting report of Cupid Producer, a Internet media, was being stopped and identity card checked by a patrolling police officer. As clearly shown in the clip of Cupid Producer, the officer spoke aloud the name of the reporter in front of the broadcasting camera, while spoke out his ID. number right next to the camera. Cupid Producer points out that the police officer clearly understood a phone broadcast by the reporter was happening. One has not decided whether to complain to the Complaints Against Police Office.


A 4 minutes clip provided by Cupid Producer showed a broadcasting report was following a team of 4 uniformed officers and one of them is an auxiliary senior officer. An officer with code 25551 asked the report for his press pass and a staff card of Cupid Producer was shown by the press. ” I meant press pass. Not the one issued by your company. The first day in society? “,the officer satirized.


Both sides then argued if a press pass is necessary to report news. ” So, No press pass.” said by the office. Afterward, offices asked the reporter to not filming at them because they are “handling a great number of things”. ” For example, you should record the criminal’s faces if we are arresting them,”said by police officer 25551 while the argument about whether the press card issued by Cupid Producer is a valid document was going on. And then that officer indicated that this is the first warning from him and demanded the press to switch off the recording device.


After a while, police officer demanded the report to show his ID card. Then the ID number,what he talked to the Walkie talkie,was recorded in the clip. Police officer 25551 requested again, asking the press to take off his mask for ‘identifying your face’. With the awareness of a ongoing broadcast conducted by the report, police asked for his name. The officer asked the police radio for a identity confirmation and pointed out that one encountered a ‘Self-proclaimed reporter’ during handling a complaint.


” No problem, you are enforcing the law and I am enforcing the law too.” said by an officer who recorded the identity information of the press. ” He is working. He is not capable of law enforcement,” corrected by another officer standing aside. Then the officer replies the radio with ‘ here we are the ID number’ and read aloud the ID number after walked closer to the broadcasting equipment.


Cupid Producer as an internet media, recorded the whole process of the Sai Wan Ho A Teenage being shot by an police officer incident in October last year. The Police Public Relations Branch has used the video of that media for a further explanation in a press conference.


The Basic Law, Article 27:

Hong Kong residents shall have freedom of speech, of the press and of publication; freedom of association, of assembly, of procession and of demonstration; and the right and freedom to form and join trade unions, and to strike.


Police General Orders Ch 39-05:
All officers at the scene of an incident shall:-
(a) facilitate the work of the news media as much as possible and accord media representatives consideration and courtesy; and
(b) not block camera lenses.


Police General Orders Ch 44-03 :
2. 11. Notwithstanding the lawful exercise of statutory powers, officers shall comply with the requirements under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance [PD(P)O] when requesting or requiring data from a subject, and subsequently the handling of the data (including the recording, security and disposal of data). For further information on the PD(P)O, please refer to PGO/FPM Chapter 12, PGO/FPM Chapter 76 and the Data Privacy Web Site on POINT.



Cupid Producer(video)

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