“Out-of-control” police officers verbally abuse female students and social workers

On the night of 21st October, 2019, a number of police officers shouted at a female student on Yuen Long Main Road: “Weren’t you a bad-ass earlier?” and ordered her to remove her mask. A journalist photographed the student standing alone on the pavement the entire time, hence not sure as to why the officers searched her on “reasonable suspicion” and angrily berated her.

Members from “Protect Our Kids Campaign” tried to mediate. The officer rebuked, “You’re only a social worker!” “Protecting our kids? You are protecting the thugs! They are thugs!”

Another police officer shouted a threat to the journalist, “When a mob appears, don’t you dare stand in front of me and stop me from enforcing the law.” However, it is clear that the journalist was on the pavement and had no intention of going out into the road.

Later, a female police officer tried to stop the reporters from filming on the grounds of “total dispersion”. The journalist repeatedly asked for details, but the female police officer did not respond directly, and finally did not conduct the so-called “total dispersion”.


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