Out-of-control female police officer used the microphone to hurl abuse at citizens, calling them cockroaches, alleging them of getting paid and asking them not to pretend and act dumb.

On the night of 31st October, after a respectful lady had been pepper sprayed for no reason in Mongkok, she and her boyfriend requested paramedic attention. Police officers replied that ambulance had been called, but repeatedly told the wounded to leave, they even threatened the lady away by accusing her of illegally assembling.

During that time, a female officer lost control of her emotion, held up her pepper spray to threaten the passersby. She repeatedly hurled abuse at the passersby using a microphone, accusing citizens of “getting paid HK$7000 to act”, “pretending and acting dumb”, also fired several pepper spray shots, passersby left in a panic. Afterwards, citizens stated, “Police officers, don’t lose control of your emotion again.” After hearing the words, a male police officer lost his temper and threatened the passersby.

City Broadcast Channel (CBC)