Organizer of demonstration attacked by triad members after being released from police station

Convener of pro-democratic organisation Jimmy Sham was interviewed on the phone by HK01. He recalled that he was having lunch with his friends in a restaurant, then two armed men stared at him and knocked his table thrice. When the armed men tried to approach Sham, Sham’s accompanies blocked their way to him, who were then attacked by the two men. Sham was not injured so that he was on his way to take a statement for the police at Tsim Sha Tsui Police Station.

Besides, a frequent organizer of demonstrations Chung Kin-ping was unconditionally released from police station, he was attacked with metal bars and umbrellas by four South Asians during his interview with TMHK at Tai Po Tai Wo Road. Chung said that he immediately tried to protect his head in defence, so the wounds were mostly on his back and his hand. The TMHK reporter was also assaulted when he tried to intervene, his mouth was left bleeding. The four South Asians escaped after attacking them. Chung and the reporter called the police immediately after their escape.

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