Officers illegally discard empty lunchboxes beside rubbish bin

A certain clinic in Kwai Chung, the South Kwai Chung Jockey Club General Out-Patient Clinic, was used as one of the designated clinics for pneumonia treatment without prior notice or consultation, to which local residents expressed their discontent during their protest march on 16th February as opposition to the policy. 

The march was mostly held in a peaceful manner, though at least 20 PTU officers who were armed with riot shields stood guard, after getting off from several police vans (Toyota Coasters). After the march ended, individuals that participated in the march informed that two teenagers were arrested because of the gas masks that were in their possession at the time. Some officers could also be seen discarding their empty lunchboxes beside the rubbish bin. 

Clearly stated on the bin, “Discarding refuse at side of the litter container will be prosecuted”. As of today, the police have become such a privileged force that not only will they not be prosecuted by the law by acts such as driving towards crowds on a motorcycle, but also have the right to enact law enforcement much more brutal towards acts that are much less violent then their own.

Cap. 132BK Public Cleansing and Prevention of Nuisances Regulation Part 1 No. 4:

(1)No person shall deposit or cause or permit to be deposited any litter or waste on or in—
(a)any street or public place;

Cap. 132BK Public Cleansing and Prevention of Nuisances Regulation Part V No. 23:

(1A)Any person who contravenes section 4(1), 9(1), 9A(1) or 10 shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable to a fine at level 4 and to imprisonment for 6 months.

16/2 Kwai Chung Designated Clinics Opposition March


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