Officer said in public: “We don’t need to show warrant card when we undergo operation!”

At the protest in Mong Kok on 7 July, a protester doubted a police officer for not wearing his warrant card. However, the seemed to be police officer claimed that warrant cards were not necessary to be shown when they were in an operation.

According to the police’s website, when plainclothes officers contact with citizens, no matter whether they are on duty, or exercising their power of law enforcement, officers are required to indicate their identities and show their warrant cards. If the citizen raises a request for the warrant cards from a uniformed officer, he/she would need to show his/her warrant card as well. However, there are three exceptional cases, including when ‘the situation disallows’, or ‘showing warrant cards would affect police’s operation and/or putting officers’ safety at risk’, or ‘irrational request’.

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Footage from Apple Daily