Off-duty Policeman Fails to Appear for Court on Drug Charges – Meanwhile Courts have chosen not to issue an arrest warrant

In 2019 Police Officers, acting on informants, carried out an Anti-drug trafficking operation in Tuen Mun. An off-duty policeman (Chan, 47) is arrest with another 2 male and 2 female suspects. The Officer was found to be have Ketamine, an illicit drug under HK laws, in his possession. The off-duty officer is charged on one count of drug felony. A Preliminary Hearing at the Tuen Mun Magistrates’ Courts was set for 16 Jan 2020.

Chan failed to appear in Court on the 16th. Police sought for Chan through his wife and also at his residence but to no avail. Meanwhile, the Magistrate chose only to delay the hearing to the 20th rather than also issuing an arrest warrant.

Earlier on 9 Jan, the Prosecutor was informed by the defendant’s legal representatives that the defendant has terminated his legal team’s representation. Therefore, the Court have intended to seek to clarify on such matter at the Court Appearance.

Chan appeared in Court on the 20th. He explained to the Court that he was unwell, and “overslept” till the evening after taking in medication. He also said he “does not know” he was sought after by the police at his residence. He further mentioned his excuses to the court was represented to his lawyers. Chan continued to be granted bail on HKD1,000.