Off-duty police officer carrying baton to travel overseas, let go by airport police and not punished by Police Force

Confirmed by Police Force and Aviation Security Company, an off-duty police officer arrived the airport to travel overseas on 8th December, 2019. He was stopped but aviation security staff for carrying baton on his body. Airport staff had reported to police to handle the incident. When police arrived for investigation, no arrest was made and the off-duty police officer was able to continue his journey.


The next day, Chief Superintendent of Police Public Relations Branch (PPRB), , Kwok Ka-chuen stated, police confirmed the baton was distributed to the officer by the Police Force. Kwok admitted that off-duty police officer should not bring the baton on board to the plane, and described the officer as ‘careless and  negligence’. He stated that police collected the baton upon their arrival to the site for investigation and would hand over the case to the personnel’s direct superior. That superior had already disciplined the officer. However, Kwok did not mention if the ‘careless’ officer would receive any penalty. He stressed that it is not illegal when found to store security restricted articles in airport, as long as proper explanation could be provided, meaning that off-duty police officer is not breaking the law.


Apple Daily found that a foreign Chief Inspector of Police, stationing Kowloon East Region, was found to have telescopic baton in luggage while checked by X-ray machine in airport. Police from Airport District arrived to the site and arrested the Chief Inspector of Police in possession of security restricted articles, and the baton was seized.

Apple Daily

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