Off-duty police officer assaults civilian with a baton due to private matters

At 18:45 of  2nd of December 2019, two men were having an argument over the use of space between pedestrians and vehicles at the cross section between Kweilin and Tai Nan Street in Sham Shui Po. Suddenly, the agitated motorcyclist dressed in strips dismounted and pulled a bag out from the trunk. He revealed and armed himself with a telescopic baton and hit the other man in the thigh multiple times.

Witness claimed that they have heard the motorcyclist shouting “There is no need to summon the police. I am a police!”.
According to the license plate records, the motorcycle is registered to a man whose surname is Poon. Searching through the police records, there is a matching result of a current police officer with the exact same name who lives in Fung Shing Street Disciplined Services Quarters.

Over 20 riot police arrived the scene somewhere after 10 minutes in police cars. Although there are no video footage of what has happened after that, witnesses claimed that the man that was being assaulted was escorted by riot police into a police car.
When reporters of Apple Daily inquired about the incident, the HKPF responded that the incident is not classified as a criminal offense, but a dispute instead. Reason being nobody was hurt nor arrested. When asked if the 52 year old man is a off-duty officer or not, no response was given.