Neglecting residents, police fired rounds of tear gas

c With only reporters, no advance and aggression, police’s decision to fire tear gas in series is unacceptable.

95-year-old Uncle Teng is an asthma patient. When he passed by Tai Wai metro station on 10th this month, he was met with tear gas by the police. He felt pain in his eyes and skin. Then he felt suffocated and his skin blistered. He then visited doctor and the doctor administered heavy asthma medication. His granddaughter told that uncle Teng now needs to use trachea dilator 3 times not once per day he used to. Several days after this incident, uncle Teng refused to leave his home to attend follow-up consultations because clinics and hospitals are near the police station. One baby girl under the age of one was suspected to be affected by tear gas on the same day. Her skin swelled, reddened and the affected area spread 10 days after. Her mother suspected it was the effect of the tear gas. She recalled on that day near Tai Wai Road when her family passed by Tai Wai metro station, police fired tear gas. Her husband braced their daughters and left immediately. They brought their daughter for consultation in public hospital and referred to doctors, who said the same happened on other kids and suspected tear gas is the reason.

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