Multiple policemen entered a ladies’ toilet, misery scream was heard, a female journalist was arrested and sent to the hospital with injuries, who refuse to be bailed afterward

At around 11 pm on May 10 (Sunday), police dispersed protesters with force in Mongkok and shooted pepper sprays to the general public and the journalist multiple times, causing many injuries and suffering. Police also arrested a female reporter of “Ben Yu Entertainment”, an online media, in a ladies’ toilet near Fa Yuen Street, Mongkok, last night. The media said the corresponding reporter had obvious head injuries. It had a great shock, regret over the incident, and reprimanded the police for serious breaches of professional ethics and disregard for personal safety.

Ben Yu Entertainment said that the female reporter was broadcasting live video in Mongkok on that night, and lost contact in a women’s toilet near Fa Yuen Street. It was learnt that male riot polices were present at the scene and a cordon was set up to prevent reporters from approaching. Later on, when the ambulancemen took out an injured person from the women’s toilet, it was confirmed that she was the female reporter of the channel. The media sent staff to the hospital to understand the situation and found that she had obvious injuries on her head, and had also been handcuffed by police, confirming her arrest. He urged the police to give a clear account of the incident and to stop any violent action against the media.

It is understood that at that time, there were women inside the toilet, but the police blocked its entrances, and two male police officers even entered and took away two black-clad women, after which the female reporter was also arrested and sent to a hospital. According to two street sleepers in the vicinity, they heard a lady in the toilet crying “my eyes hurt” and screams misery during the incident. It was also pointed out that the officers had used pepper spray.

Updated on 20th of May:

Democratic Party Legislative Council Member Andrew Wan Siu-kin and Tsuen Wan District Councillor Angus Yick Shing-Chung held a press conference with the female reporter and pastors who were victims of police brutality in the morning of May 20, condemning the police for being indisciplined, abusing journalists and disregard personal safety.

Angus Yick Shing-Chung alleges that the police abused violence continuously on the Mother’s Day, that even journalists and first aiders were attacked without reason. He pointed out that the police did not consider why the person concerned was present at the scene, and don’t have a standard on the use of force. He also criticized the police officers for their bad attitude and misinterpretation of the law, and even accused religious people of illegal assembly.

The female reporter of Ben Yu Entertainment, who was arrested on that day, said that she was wearing a yellow vest (to distinguish her identity as a journalist) and a press card while entering the toilet for physical need. Two riot polices were there when she entered, tying up the hands of two young girls. When the police find her, they rush forward and grab her camera, pushed her against the wall, and sprayed her face, nose, and ears with pepper spray, calling her “cockroach” and “dirty journalist”. Afterward, four or five police pinned her to the ground and kneeled on her neck, even kicked her back and hit her head with a baton. She had trouble breathing and screamed “I need an ambulance” and before she lost consciousness, she heard someone ask “Do you have more to spray?”

During the female reporter’s presentation, there was a moment of agitation, needing to stop and calm down. She went on to say that she woke up with her hands tied and had incontinent as she originally entered the toilet for physical needs. She asked the police officer next to her for water, but the officer told her, “I’ll give you water only if you’re polite”. Later on, a policewoman lifted her up to sit on the ground, but only poured water on her and told her to keep saying “thank you”, and a fan was blowing at her and said it was “to help you cool down”, making her very cold and drowsy. The reporter also presented photographs showing that she had swelling on her head when she was admitted to the hospital. Legislative Council Member Andrew Wan Siu-kin pointed out that the case was torture, a serious humanitarian offence.

The female reporter later said that her camera had once lost, but the police decline having such an exhibit initially. Only after she sought help from her lawyer, then the police “found” her cinema, which let her expose the photos on the site. She also pointed out that the sequelae were numerous. Her hand was still hurt, her thumbs are able to move but cannot be exerted, and she suffering from headaches.

She stressed that she would not be deterred by this incident, believing that “the truth is always neutral” regardless of her stance, and that after this incident, she is more determined to report the truth. The scene then erupted into applause.

Ben Yu Entertainment released a statement on social media afterward:

Our declaration

Our reporter was broadcasting live in Mongkok on the evening of May 10, 2020. The female reporter entered the Sai Yee Street Garden women’s toilet for physical needs and subsequently lost contact.

After the incident, we learnt that male riot polices were present and a cordon was set up to prevent reporters from approaching the scene. Later on, ambulancemen took an injured person from the toilet, they confirmed that the injured person was our reporter. We immediately sent staff to the hospital to understand the situation and found that she had obvious injuries on her head and had been handcuffed by the police, confirming her arrest. We immediately contacted a lawyer to assist the colleague concerned and reserves the right to take legal action against the police officers involved.

The channel values the personal safety and press freedom of the reporters. We are shocked and regrets the arrest of any reporter and the violent treatment by the police in the course of work, and severely condemns the incident. The police operation was a serious breach of professional ethics and disregard personal safety.

We would like to make a statement urging the police to give a clear account of the incident and to stop any violence against the media.

Ben Yu Entertainment

警員進入洗衣街公園公廁搜查 有男警員站在女廁門口位置

【警員進入洗衣街公園公廁搜查 有男警員站在女廁門口位置】警方在旺角的截查行動持續至凌晨,又進入洗衣街公園公廁搜查,現場所見,有男警員在女廁門口位置。凌晨1時許,有人從女廁被帶走,送上救護車。警方在旺角的驅散行動持續到凌晨,午夜時有兩架旅遊巴載走大約數十人。#香港電台 #港台電視32 #旺角

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