Molotov cocktail was thrown at police cars, the police explained that it happened in all of a sudden such that no one was arrested

There were two separate cases of arson that involved molotov cocktail within the day of 7th of June in Hong Kong, which the police hastily arrested suspects. After that, the police stopped a suspicious Mercedes-Benz car at King’s Road, Quarry Bay, and arrested a male with triad background. It was said that the arrested male was around 20 years old, surnamed Chong. He had a triad background and was known as ‘rat’, who also had a few criminal records.

Many of the netizens that were on the police’s side criticised those with conspiracy theory, and explained that the police car stopped because they saw someone got off a car at the crossroad, so it was reasonable that they stopped and looked into that. It was also rational for them to trigger the siren, as well as started the car immediately when the ground was on fire. Then the suspect’s car left along the bridge, that was also acceptable for the police to call for backup on radio, and to go reversely before chasing that car.

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