Man arrested for suspected of making bombs in village house. Threatened by police to confession the crime or “sue your wife and mother to death”. The whole family were all arrested then.

A 29-year-old man who reportedly worked as a mechanic has been charged again with making explosives after police found a “laboratory” suspected of making explosives at a village house in Sheung Shui. The Fanling Magistrates’ Court has an emergency session at 8 pm tonight to deal with the case. The prosecution says ‘breakthrough’ today as the defendant admits to making powerful explosives DNT at home under caution. However, the defence said, the police arrested the defendant’s wife and other family members today, and said in a video interview with the defendant, “If you don’t confess the crime, we will sue your wife and mother to death”

The court opened at 8:00 pm. but was adjourned for about one and a half hours until about 9:30 pm because the defense counsel had not yet arrived. The prosecution explained to the court at the outset that the reason for the emergency sitting in the evening was because of the “breakthrough” made by the prosecution, in which the defendant admitted that he made powerful explosive DNT at home, under police caution, and reveal the making process and source.

The defendant was detained since yesterday. The prosecution considered the evidence so strong that he should be prosecuted before the 48-hour detention period.

The prosecution revealed that on 14 January, the Police had conducted an operation against explosives making in Sheung Shui and searched the Defendant’s residence at Ng Uk Tsuen on Sha Tau Kok Road and seized seven major chemicals, including 4 bottles of nitric acid, 6 packs of sulphur powder, etc., as well as timers, circuit boards, capacitors, cassette LPG, etc. The defendant was arrested on that day. A leap forward was made when police dug up a red plastic bag containing 100 grams of powdered paste, the powerful explosive DNT, which is capable of making bombs and causing fatal injuries, in a farm field opposite to his residence.

The defence counsel complained that another solicitor had followed up the defendant’s case and had called at 5 pm this afternoon to ask the police whether the case would be arraigned and the police denied it. Later, the legal team learned from the media that the case would be arraigned tonight. They checked with the police again, who avoid the query at first, and only confirm the arraigment later on.

The Defence revealed that police conducted two separate searches today and the day before yesterday. The defendant’s wife, mother, and domestic helper was arrested today. When he demanded to see his lawyer during an interview at 5 pm. He was threatened by the corresponding police officer: “If you don’t confess the crime, we will sue your wife and mother to death!”

The Defence also pointed out that the plastic bag containing the explosives claimed to have been excavated from the Defendant’s residence towards the field was free from mud as shown in the photographs, and that the items suspected to be explosives found at the Defendant’s residence were, in fact, drainage water, sulphur, thinner, etc., and that the so-called “timer” was only a voltage transformer.

The defendant was alleged to have confessed and mentioned “DNT” in the interview. The Defence argued that it was unusual for the defendant, who only graduated from form 5 Secondary school, to be able to understand “DNT”. Moreover, the testimony was not taken off his own free will, there was “something very disturbing”.

The male defendant (29), who reported as a mechanic, was arrested on 14 January and has been detained since then, before taken to the court. But the charge sheet alleges that he produce the explosives today. Wong was charged with making explosives, commonly known as DNT, on 16 January near Ng Uk Tsuen, Sha Tau Kok Road.

Laws of Hong Kong, Cap. 232A Police (Discipline) Regulations, Part I Section 3 (Disciplinary offences):
(2) The offences against discipline are—
(j) making a statement which is false in a material particular in the course of his duty or in connexion with the discharge by the police force of any of its duties or functions;

Perverting the course of justice is an indictable common law offence. The offence is committed when a person acts or embarks on a course of conduct which has a tendency to, and is intended to, pervert the course of justice (Halsbury’s Laws of England, Vol 11(1) 4th Edition)

Laws of Hong Kong, Cap. 200 Crimes Ordinance, section 24
Certain acts of intimidation prohibited
Any person who threatens any other person—
(a)with any injury to the person, reputation or property of such other person; or
(b)with any injury to the person, reputation or property of any third person, or to the reputation or estate of any deceased person; or
(c)with any illegal act,
with intent in any such case—
(i)to alarm the person so threatened or any other person; or
(ii)to cause the person so threatened or any other person to do any act which he is not legally bound to do; or
(iii)to cause the person so threatened or any other person to omit to do any act which he is legally entitled to do, shall be guilty of an offence. (13 of 1920 s. 2 incorporated)

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