Male riot police stop and search 2 women for photographing, and once touching her buttocks

On 21st March 2020 at 20:00, People Power vice chairman Tam Tak-chi, and his two female assistants went live broadcasting in the bus terminus under West Rail Line Yuen Long Station. As they walked into a nearby Circle K convenience store to buy food, a number of riot police swarmed into the store and asked the three to leave.

Afterwards, the riot police intercepted and searched the two female assistants of Tam Tak-chi. During the search, one of the male riot police officers touched the body part of one female assistant with his hand and even touched her buttocks once. The male officer were responsible for the entire search process, while there were female officer present.

Tam Tak-chi said that police officers rushed into the store for no reason, harassed and stopped them while they were shopping, and did not explain why they need to search the women afterwards. He said during the stop and search, the police officer found Tam’s wallet in the assistants and “were being difficult with them, but I used to leave my wallet when I go out, to avoid being stolen by dog (police) if I am arrested.” according to Tam’s word.

After intercepted for about 15 minutes, the two women were released, but were not allowed to return to the crowd, and could only walk to the other side of the line. They had to take a detour round the terminus to rendezvous with Tam Tak-chi.



Police General Orders, Chapter 44, Section 44-05. Search of Persons:
3. An officer shall not conduct a frisk or a wall search of a member of the opposite sex nor may he/she observe or be present during a search of a member of the opposite sex which
involves the removal of clothing so as to reveal underwear. In the absence of a woman officer, an officer shall escort a female suspect to a police station or police launch for search by a female officer.

Section 122 of the Crimes Ordinance (Cap. 200):
Indecent assault
(1)Subject to subsection (3), a person who indecently assaults another person shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for 10 years.
(2)A person under the age of 16 cannot in law give any consent which would prevent an act being an assault for the purposes of this section.
(3)A person is not, by virtue of subsection (2), guilty of indecently assaulting another person, if that person is, or believes on reasonable grounds that he or she is, married to that other person. (Replaced 90 of 1991 s. 7)
(4)A woman who is a mentally incapacitated person cannot in law give any consent which would prevent an act being an assault for the purposes of this section, but a person is only to be treated as guilty of indecently assaulting a mentally incapacitated person by reason of that incapacity to consent, if that person knew or had reason to suspect her to be a mentally incapacitated person. (Amended 81 of 1997 s. 59)
(Added 1 of 1978 s. 6. Amended 90 of 1991 s. 7)
[cf. 1956 c. 69 s. 14 U.K.]

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