Male passerby was hit by a tear gas shrapnel, blood all over his right eye

On the night of October 31, clashes broke out between the police and the public in Mongkok, with police firing tear gas to disperse the crowd and smoke erupted and many people were injured. At around 8pm, riot police suddenly fired tear gas at the crowd standing outside the Mongkok Police Station. Suddenly, a man shouted that he had been shot by a tear gas shell. The volunteer first aiders at the scene immediately helped him to rest outside Exit B2 of Prince Edward Station and cleaned his wounds, finding that his right eye might have been hit by a tear gas shell fragment.

News on the spot pointed out that after the man’s right eye was hit by a piece of debris, it suddenly turned purple and swollen, and kept bleeding. He seemed to be in great pain. When the volunteer first aiders stopped his bleeding, the man kept saying, “I was just here talking to someone. I didn’t chant slogans. Why did I get shot?” He said that he did not understand why he was shot in the eye by the riot police and he felt that the riot police had deliberately shot in the head.

It was learnt that the man surnamed Tong, 53, who was injured by tear gas fragments in his right eye, was taken to the intensive care unit of Caritas Medical Centre.

Apple Daily