Mad Dog Daily Reporter Followed and Attacked Faces Serious Bone Fracture with Shock

During the anti-ELAB movement, Mad Dog Daily, an online media, has live-streamed countless demonstrations. On 18th January, one of its reporters was pushed down the stairs from the back in Ping Tin Shopping Centre Lam Tin. It caused the victim severe fracture in left scapula and arm bones. The organisation stated that they would not surrender to the evil and were going to keep on reporting the truth.

《Mad Dog Daily》The news report claimed that the victim was followed and disturbed since yesterday morning by suspicious figures. At around 22:00, he was pushed off the stairs at the back with great force. After injured, the reporter reached a hospital by himself. Severe fracture in left scapula and arm bones were confirmed by medical examinations. During the process, the reporter went into shock. And hence, inpatient treatment was required.

Mad Dog Daily

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