Lured teenagers maintaining the Lennon Wall to police station then arrested them

In the incident, a total of three men were arrested. Student Tsui, aged 16, was arrested for Common Assault. Student Tsui was notified at the night before yesterday that the Lennon Wall was destroyed, so he went to repair the wall with his friends. During that, a man wearing grey T-shirt shouted at them and filmed them with his phone, such that they used their umbrellas to protect themselves and avoid them being recorded. However, the man called the police and accused them of assaulting him. Then, the police arrived and ‘kidnapped’ the teenagers to the police station, claiming that they were brought to the police station just to assist police’s investigation. Yet, they were arrested without discretion. Student Tsui said that he had been a Wo-lei-fei protester since the start of the movement. He was notified that the Lennon Wall at Tin Shui Wai was destroyed at 9pm two days ago. He then arrived at the wall with Student Chan and discovered the floor was full of torn stickers, so that they started decorating the wall and writing on the wall again. At that time, a social worker reminded them that a man with grey T-shirt was taking videos at the scene. The man then insulted those fixing the Lennon Wall, and even pushed others.

When the gap closed between them, Student Tsui used his umbrella to block his camera, simultaneously preventing the man to hit them suddenly. After that, the grey shirt man called the police and claimed to them that he was assaulted in the chest with the tip of the umbrella. Police officers arrived to investigate and check identity cards of people involved. At last, uniformed officers requested Tsui and Chan to go to police station to assist further investigation. Their phones were confiscated on the way and after they arrived at the police station, they were finally informed that Tsui was arrested for Common Assault.

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