Lawless Police Threatens Young Woman “I Want the Triads to Slash You to Death”

Police conducted large scale search-and-capture in Yuen Long at night, dragging many young people from Fung Kam Street to a back alley for inspection. One of the inspected was interviewed. She stated that she only questioned the officers’ use of powerful flashing lights, sarcastically asking “are those twinkle twinkle little stars?” Feeling insulted, they took her away to check her belongings. There were only policemen present at the time. One of them said, “whatever, just go deep with her!” She loudly repeated what she was told to the journalists, but policemen scoffed, “who wants to go deep with you? Look at yourself in the mirror first”, added by calling her a prostitute and a cockroach. Only after policewomen arrived she was finally inspected and allowed to go.

As she was leaving, some police called her “uneducated”, to which she immediately countered by saying she is studying in university and asked if they had the same level of education, mocking the common lack of tertiary education amongst officers. Without a good response, they ended by saying university education is rubbish, and more outrageously, “I want the Triads to slash you to death”.


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