Journalist Insulted and Pushed to the Floor by Blue Ribbon Fanatics

At 2pm on 15th December 2019, a pro police “oppose violence” rally organised by Man, Shek Fong Yau from “忠義民團 (a pro-establishment organisation)”, took place. A freelance journalist working for NBC was surrounded by numerous rally goers, was insulted with the term “hak kei (black journalist)”, and was pushed to the floor while reporting at the scene.

The journalist, Jasmine Leung, uploaded a one-and-a-half-minute video onto Twitter, showing herself  being attacked while reporting at the scene. Large groups of rally participants surrounded the journalist’s camera, while shouting what believed to be insult such as “hak kei (black journalist)” and “rubbish”, and banged on the reporter’s camera. Journalist kept asking them to stop by yelling “don’t touch me!”, “don’t hit me!” etc. The journalist then fell on the floor. The rally goers took pictures of the said journalist, accusing her of “pretending (to be injured)” and will “give her a chance” to do so, and asked each other to put the pictures taken online.

Jasmine Leung posted on social media, a lot of pro-police individuals (blue ribbon fanatics) called her “black journalist” whilst filming, and were insulting her constantly. She was even pushed to the floor by a middle aged man for no reason, which he did not apologise for. She described the experience of reporting at the rally “distressing”.

Finally, the female journalist could only leave the venue safely with the guard of police officers who were holding round protective shields. The police only told her to leave as soon as possible, without agreeing to follow-up. None of the rally goers, including the ones who attacked the journalist, were arrested at this stage.


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