Reporter arrested after back of neck badly injured by baton, reporter who filmed the incident also beaten, multiple reporters pepper sprayed

The police dispersed crowds and arrested on Shantung Street in Mongkok in the evening, police officers constantly asked reporters to walk on the pavement instead of the road. A reporter from Mad Dog Daily, whom was wearing a white helmet, said that he was already using the pavement. He was then pepper sprayed, and was pushed against the wall and was surrounded by multiple police officers. He was then hit by batons and pepper sprayed again. He was arrested.

A free-lance reporter from Public Television Service, who filmed the clip, said, “As soon as the police spotted me filming (the reporter from Mad Dog Daily), they started yelling at me, demanding me to stop filming, and hit and pepper sprayed me.”

Below are clips filmed in different angles:

Some reporters at the scene said that they were pepper sprayed without confronting the riot police. When asked by multiple reporters, the riot police simply responded that they do not respond to questions, and that they were penalised by reporters.

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