IPCC said complaints against STS should not be allowed

Cheung Wah-fung, a vice-chairman of Independent Police Complaints Council (IPCC), showed up on an RTHK TV programme to discuss issues regarding protests in recent months. He said that the police officers should produce their identity information when on patrol, but it was not fair to ask the Special Tactical Squad (STS) to produce their numbers because they had the risk of being doxxed. Thus provision of their own badge number would make the officers unable to leave the worries behind.

“The STS is to handle severe civil unrest. I think they don’t really have to show their badge numbers to protesters” he added, “It’s because they are dealing with extreme emergency situations; they have to suppress the riots that bring disastrous influences to the society. Why should we let you lodge complaints on whether the force we use is excessive?”


The Stand News