Insufficient space for a warrant card on Police Tactical Unit’s vests, police claimed that space was not for warrant cards

The evidence of police:

Kong Wing-cheung, the Senior Superintendent of Police from the Police Public Relations Branch, encountered the same question once again at today’s press conference, claiming that the transparent space on the ‘multifunctions vest’ that worn by Police Tactical Unit officers near the chest was not intended for warrant cards. He said that space could be inserted a card to specify which unit did that officer belong to, according to what he learnt during his training. When he was asked if a police officer do not have a number or recognition, how can citizens complain about that officer. Kong explained that when the Complaints and Internal Investigations Branch received a complaint, and the complained officer did not show his/her warrant card, the branch would try their very best to search for the officer involved referring to the time and location provided.


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